Decco Projects

Decco was started in 2020 and has been operational for 3 years now. Decco has already delivered textiles to numerous hotel projects, office buildings and several restaurants, and is currently delivering textiles for 3 more hotels. So far, Decco has delivered curtains, rugs and upholstery fabrics to more than thousand hotel rooms. We are currently working with 700 new hotel rooms which are due to deliver by the 2nd quarter of the year 2024. We are growing fast and are searching for new partners to support our growth with their products and services.

Ongoing 2023


Completed projects

Holiday Club Katinkulta, Vuokatti Finland

Sokos Hotel Helsinki, Helsinki Finland, 207 rooms
Contents: curtains, rails and sheets
Koko3, Aino Brandt

Scandic Helsinki Hub, Helsinki Finland, 352 rooms
Contents: rugs and sheets
Franz Design Oy

Hotel Heimari, Mikkeli Finland, 30 rooms
Contents: cutains and rails
Sisustusarkkitehdit Kalliomaa Oy, Marja Ilmarinen

Hotel Bomba, Nurmes Finland, 14 rooms
Contents: cutains and rails
Arosuo Arkkitehdit Oy, Assi Riikonen

Hotel Hiisi, Lohja Finland, 24 rooms + hallways
Contents: cutains and rails
Helena Metsäluoto, DesiPeli Oy

Hotel Fennada, Vierumäki Finland, 58 rooms + public places
Contents: rugs and curtains
Franz Design Oy, Markus Viiperi

Hotel Scandic Hamburger Börs, 272 rooms
Contents: upholstery fabrics (Pierre Frey)
Puroplan Oy

Hotel Mestari, Helsinki Finland
Contents: rugs, curtains, rails and bedsread for 250 rooms
Archibella Oy, Kristiina Michelsson

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, Helsinki Finland, 10 special rooms
Contents: rugs, curtains and decorative cushions
DSign Oy, Samuli Hintikka

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Helsinki Finland, 9 suites
Contents: rugs
DSign Oy

Hilton Hotel Kalastajantorppa, Helsinki Finland, 20 rooms
Contents: curtains

Restaurant Davaidavai, Helsinki Finland
Contents: upholstery fabrics, curtains and cushions
Lilli Laine Interiors Oy

Ravintola Laituri
Contents: curtains
Pinto Design Oy

Botta Events, Helsinki Finland
Contents: curtains
Design Studio Marjut Nousiainen