Leading textile supplier

Decco is a textile company with agile project management and sustainability in its DNA. Speciali- zing in curtains, carpets, rugs, and upholstery materials, we provide our expertise to interior designers, architects, hotel operators, and restaurant owners. As a part of a larger group of companies - Restatop & RT-Interiors Group, with a robust turnover of EUR 16 million - Decco benefits from strong support and a network for growth. In collaboration with our sister companies, Decco offers textiles and turn-key project management for B-to-B interior projects, both in renovation and new-build ventures. At Decco, we are more than just a supplier; we are pioneers in disrupting market norms and fostering enduring business relationships. We are actively seeking visionary partners to expand our esteemed Decco Collection. We welcome innovative brands that align with our vision for a sustainable future through textile innovations and circular economy.

Decco is growing fast

Our turnover increased from EUR 220K in 2021 to an impressive EUR 1 million in 2022. Behind our success is CEO Mari Mattsson, boasting over two decades of experience in the textile industry.

Our goal is clear

Our goal is clear: to collaborate with design-oriented and sustainable companies, fostering mutual growth and curating an exceptional product and brand portfolio tailored for the evolving Nordic market.

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